Truth or Point of View?

Courtroom themes in legal mysteries

Welcome to my blog! For my inaugural post, I’m re-posting a piece I wrote in March 2013 for Something is Going to Happen, the blog of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. In this piece you will find a bit of personal history about my early days as a prosecutor and reflections on some of the prominent themes in my legal mysteries. Hope you enjoy it! And check out Something is Going to Happen for interesting points of view on mystery fiction and the world of mystery writers by the Editor of EQMM and top authors in the genre.

The Story of August 3, 1964

Based on actual memories

The nearly newlyweds were to celebrate their second anniversary. A big surprise was in store for them, although the secret was not well-kept. Too much was going on in the house. Their six children plotted and planned. The seventh was yet to be born.